General Terms and Conditions
Currently, Beauty Queens for Big Sisters is a club/project on and follows terms and conditions. To be a member you must be 25 or under (minors with parental/guardian permission), you can be any age to volunteer.

Rules & Guidelines for Members/Volunteers

All members/volunteers for Beauty Queens for Big Sisters will be of good moral character, conduct themselves professionally, and respect themselves and others. We expect every one to work together, help one another, and contribute to Beauty Queens for Big Sisters by actively participating in meetings, events, socials, fundraisers, and or projects. General volunteers will likely be expected to help/participate when they can since they may not be able to commit to be a general member. To be an active general member you must attend at least 2 meetings, 2 fundraisers, 2 projects, and 1 social per year. It is mandatory for board members with officer positions to attend ALL meetings, projects, fundraisers, socials and events with the exception of emergencies, serious illnesses, and or other reasons that you may be approved for with the permission of the BQBS President.

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