BQBS Events

Stay alert for our new online fundraisers coming soon! Check out our current events below!

 Our first online fundraiser is coming soon this Fall season! We will be selling new custom designed BQBS merchandise and more to raise funds for programs, activities and other project services for Beauty Queens for Big Sisters! Stay tuned for details!

 "Beauty Queens Are Role Models" Video Blast!

 Our new first Event- "Beauty Queens are Role Models" Video Blast! Ongoing event.* Calling all pageant queens! Beauty Queens for Big Sisters is a new project/organization in the making, and we want you to help us out! This is also a great way to show your title by the way ;) So if you are interested in pageantry and or Youth Empowerment, we would like you to post a video of you stating why either or both Youth Empowerment & Pageantry is important to you, and what you do to make a difference. See Rules & Guidelines below.


"Beauty Queens Are Role Models" Video Blast!

Rules & Guidelines

You may want to start by saying "Hi, I'm "your name and title", and Pageantry and or Youth Empowerment is important to me because.... I make a difference by....". ALL submissions must end with you also stating quote: "I am a Beauty Queen, and a Model for youth empowerment!". To post a video, upload a video on your YouTube, title it "Beauty Queens are Role Models"-"Your Title", go on the Facebook page:, click into the status box and post a link to your video OR you can email your submission and link to your video to For both Facebook and email, be sure to list your name, age, title and location before the link. One entry per entrant. Please wear your sash and or your crown in the video, and have neat appearance. Video submissions that meet the requirements and guidelines will be featured and posted on our website, on the homepage and community page.

*Ongoing event until maximum videos reached.

We will only post your video on the website for publicity and will not send to other parties. Hence, if entrants volunteer to send videos, they agree to the terms/rules of Beauty Queens for Big Sisters and are aware that the Beauty Queens for Big Sisters website will use videos for posting on the site.


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