About Us


 Beauty Queens for Big Sisters (BQBS) is currently a club/project on DoSomething.org that promotes good pageantry, and plans to create empowering campaigns/services for aspiring young ladies interested in pageants and or modeling that may be at a disadvantage. I.e: Free/Low Cost Pageant/Lifestyle/Health/Wellness Coaching services, provide workshops for career/education/talent development, run empowering campaigns (i.e currently we have the "Beauty Queens Are Role Models" Video Blast through social media, & plan a "Beauty Through Thick & Thin" campaign soon to come), use creative resources such as social media and events to help members achieve sponsorship for their pageantry/modeling goals, and encourage members to be Bigs and or Littles for Big Brothers Big Sisters of America.
We also plan to achieve 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization status, which can only be achieved through the support of current and future members. As of now we are only a part of DoSomething.org and abide by their terms and conditions.

The Inspiration

Are you a pageant girl/woman? Do you have a passion for youth empowerment and mentorship? Are you tired of struggling to get sponsors and people outside of the pageant/modeling world not taking you seriously or thinking your cause is just an individual (selfish) cause, or thinking pageantry is just about the glitz and glam to see who has the best poise and look? Do you want to compete in pageants but feel disadvantaged?

If you answered yes to any or all questions then this is the club for you! Founder Ciera Damali T. started Beauty Queens for Big Sisters on DoSomething.org, for the pageant girls/ladies that have great platforms for change, need support for our platforms- as well as support for the pageants we compete in to raise awareness for our platforms, and to create development/empowerment programs/services, campaigns, and workshops for underprivileged/disadvantaged/at-risk aspiring young girls interested in pageantry/modeling .

We are NOT just pretty faces. We are caring young ladies that care for the communities we take part in and as models, we are role models as well! Some honestly feel that many people that don't have much liking or aren't that knowledgeable of the modeling or pageant industry think we're only competing for selfish reasons, that just want a title and crown to wear and sport our looks on a runway and just knows how to speak well. I, as well as many other pageant girls who can relate, struggled many times trying to get sponsors only to get a bunch of emails saying that the company "due to large volume of requests or our company only grants funds to...and therefore doesn't support individuals or church organizations etc" or other ways of saying no. There are also some women and young ladies of all ages who compete in pageantry that come from financially and or socioeconomically disadvantaged backgrounds. It is even more difficult for the less advantaged to compete in pageantry and raise awareness for their platforms if they don't even have the funds or support systems that other "privileged cookie cutter" pageant girls have to enter pageant systems.

We want to show that we are not looking for handouts or material prizes to feel better than others. While there are bad apples in every bunch, that mentality does not apply to the community interested in what 'Beauty Queens for Big Sisters' (BQBS) stands for. We put in a lot of hard work, sacrifice and dedication into pageantry and our platforms. We want to be great role models and support our platforms and our communities as it is the responsibility that comes with our titles. If you would like to take part in this project please Join or Volunteer, or Contact Us- include any ideas or suggestions you may have as well! Lets make a change!

How You Can Get Involved

 Others can help by either donating to our cause, creating or suggesting fundraising ideas, sponsoring events, participating in our fundraisers/events, participating in Big Brothers Big Sisters, spreading the word about our cause(s) to friends, family, coworkers etc, networking, volunteering and or become a member!


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